"Everyone Wants to Eat, Few Want to Hunt"

Meet Our Team

Corey Rush

CEO / Co-Founder

Keegan Rush

CMO / Co-Founder

Cindy Stoltz


Ashley Ellis

Director of Internal Brands

Ryan Garner

Director of Operations

Patrick Flanagan

General Manager

Parker Sexton

Marketing Strategy Manager

Erica Kelley

Sr. Graphic Designer

Andy Lawter

Email Marketing Coordinator

Annie McFarland

Content Coordinator

Erin Sennert

Customer Success Manager

Meghan Lamontagne

Content Creator

Eli Simmons

Google Marketing Manager

Kim Lawter

Wholesale Manager

Noah Bowman

Production Floor Manager

Adriel Hernandez

Production Floor Manager

Henry Cooper

Production floor manager

Barbara Mastro

Customer Service Specialist

Angela Mills

Accounting Associate

Kayla Norris

Executive Assistant

Danielle Champagne

Jr. Graphic Designer

Shae Condon

Jr. Graphic Designer

Stephen Morton

Video Editor

Julia Turnage

Accounting Assistant

Joshua Hyman

Video Coordinator