"Everyone Wants to Eat, Few Want to Hunt"

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Why Should You Work With Us? 🚀💰

Because you actually get to work with us. 

We prefer to only take on a select amount of clients to insure we are able to work in the trenches daily. Many companies have tedious on-boarding with junior members of the team, horrible communication, and simply don't work. We don't do that around here. We prefer do the heavy lifting ourselves. 

Blue Pack's heavy lifting has helped generate over $130+ million dollars in sales for our brands and client brands. We have a very particular set of skills. Skills that have allowed us to work with household brands, large celebrities, TV networks, etc. 

Over time we have created, developed, scaled, and sold 2 E-Commerce companies. We hit the promised land that many strive for, the successful sale of a company. That is the goal for most companies we work with. We do our best to accelerate the revenue required to draw the lure of those deals to their table.

Sooooo many companies that approach us are leaving so much money on the table. The reason why it is easy for us is because the strategies we've cultivated over many years is formulaic at this point. We're still in the trenches as we own our own brands as well and get to see the new problems and pitfalls brand owners experience. We've likely already found a solution by the time most people discover what the problem actually is. 

 Most day-to-day issues that you face, we have already encountered whether it be from Advertising Hiccups, Supply Chain issues, or Software automation. We operate as an agency but we have the compassion of a partner. We don't just buy ads for people....we help them run a better company. It does help we find a ton of money they are leaving on the table through Ad Optimization, Email, SMS, etc. 

Being well versed and dynamic has allowed us to crack any industry that has approached our team. E-Commerce, Celebrities, TV Channels using Nielson Data, Brick & Mortar Programs, Wholesale, Professional Sports Leagues, Real Estate, etc. If you can sell a hat, you can sell a house. We utilize the same theories and practices that make us successful in E-Commerce to make any goal achievable for our clients (partners in our mind). 

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