Why Omnichannel? Why Blue Pack?

To Make You More Money. 🚀💰

Simple as that. You have an ASSET. You are not taking advantage of it. You can separate your Brand from the Rest with Omnichannel Strategies. If your brand is not crushing these strategies below, you are leaving a large amount of money on the table. It just so happens that we're really good at finding money, currently hiding under the nose of many established businesses. 

Don't play Hide & Seek with your profits. Let our team help maximize your asset. We guarantee that we will put more profits to YOUR bottom-line by executing within these key areas. 







Why Work With Us?

Because other agencies suck. We don't view clients as clients, we view them as partners. Not from an equity standpoint (unless you want to give equity as well 😉) but from a partnership standpoint. Symbiotic is a word we use frequently when discussing partnerships/clients. Other agencies recycle clients, where we want all relationships to be beneficial long-term revenue rockets to the moon. 🚀

Our goal is to satisfy 2 objectives...

  1. Make You More Money. 
  2. Love Working With Our Team. 

Blue Pack is responsible for well over $125,000,000 million dollars in sales for our own brands and client brands. We have worked with some very large celebrities, brands, and TV Networks. Selling lots of things is our "thing". 

Over time we have created, developed, scaled, and sold 2 E-Commerce companies. We hit the promised land that many strive for, the successful sale of a company. That is the goal for most brand owners we work with. We do our best to accelerate the revenue required to draw the lure of those deals to their table. If we can successfully achieve goals for our clients (partners), we will in turn continue to exceed our own goals. 

We work with established brands who aren't taking full advantage of their asset. We are truly still in the trenches as we still own our own brands. We still practice what we preach. Most day-to-day issues that you face, we have already encountered whether it be from Advertising Hiccups, Supply Chain issues, or Software automation. We operate as an agency but we have the compassion of a partner. 

Being well versed and dynamic has allowed us to crack any industry that has approached our team. E-Commerce, Celebrities, TV Channels using Nielson Data, Brick & Mortar Programs, Wholesale, Professional Sports Leagues, Real Estate, etc. If you can sell a hat, you can sell a house. We utilize the same theories and practices that make us successful in E-Commerce to make any goal achievable for our clients (partners in our mind). 

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