Often referred to as the Shopify Whisperer, The Sultan of AdsManager, the Exorcist of Email Marketing, the Fonz of Faceb-ook Ads.....ok so maybe I took it a hair too far there. Either waymy name is Corey Rush and I'm the Co-Founder and CEO ofBlue Pack Marketing. A more important title I hold is the Olderbrother of the two of us.

One time on a Delta flight from Raleigh to San Francisco theflight attendant referred to me as Dr. Rush as I was dosing off;and instead of correcting her I allowed her to presume that Iwas some sort of Neurosurgeon on my way to performsurgical miracles. I'm sure she wondered what kind of surgeonwas wearing a backwards baseball cap and jeans; but for allshe knew I was heading to perform brain surgery on conj-oined twins.

I like to open with this story every now and then when discuss-ing how we judge things on the surface, and sometimescome to predisposed decisions purely based on the cover. (It'sokay if your mind jumped to someone telling you to NEVERDO THIS - ESPECIALLY with BOOKS - MINE DID TOO). Duringthe flight I fessed up about not actually being a doctor whenshe saw me attempting to plug a regular headphone jack intothe bottom of an iphone that clearly didn't have said plug. Butthe discussion came to an interesting point when she statedthat in the day and age we live in, anyone can become anyth-ng and it's finally not just a cliche saying. I mean a skinnydorky guy from Harvard who built some website is testifying infront of congress , a used book retailer is now literally runningcommerce globally; and like him or love him Donald Trump isthe president. See what I did there?

It's been about five and a half years being in the e-commercecommunity; after deciding to leave a sure fire c-suite levelpath with a fortune 400 company I couldn't be any happier.NOTE: I probably didn't pick the best of times to leave my co-mpany with my wife being four months pregnant, we'd justpurchased a new home, our other home hadn't sold yet, andit was JULY in North Carolina. Prior to founding Blue Pack Mar-keting with my brother Keegan; I was a Regional Director inthe Oil/Gas sector covering multiple regions and having fullfiscal responsibility for up to $300 Million in revenue per year.

While this was an amazing career, my brother and I had tohave one of our ventures hit it big time. We had a couple thatwere able to sustain and grow into businesses that were cashflow positive; but nothing like the company we get to be apartof daily. Put it this way; we at one point had the idea to createa nautical vinyl that could stand up and adhere to urinals andtoilets and then work with the NCAA/NFL to obtain licensingfor said TOILET STICKERS. A couple of phone calls, and digg-ing into what can/would be able to be licensed we quicklyrealized that we had a crappy idea. (PUN INTENDED).

But just like that flight attendant I spoke of earlier, you simply NEVER KNOW. Because this failure, lead us to other ventures that were successful and it showed us to see that we could do business together without a royal rumble breaking out. (NOTE: I'm personally not opposed if this did occur and I feel that I've prepared myself rather well over the past 30 years).

As in any business there will be ups and downs, but we've always been risk takers since the days of stuffing wrappers in the couch or literally eating the entire box of cereal as one can't be punished if the BOX simply can't be found! I'm learning that we weren't the inventors of those tactics now with children of my own. When I'm not at Blue Pack you can find me hanging with my wonderful and gorgeous wife Elizabeth and our gaggle of kids (Carson, Piper, and Palmer). I chose to take this bio a hair more behind the curtain, since if you're reading this I'd assume we may end up doing some business together and I'm sure we can talk buzz words and metrics at some later time.

All in all I couldn't be happier to be apart of an amazing team at Blue Pack, that extends to our partners all over the world, vendors in multiple countries and the rockstar team here in North Carolina. Getting the ability to work with some of the brightest minds and kindest hearts really does make me think that I've dosed off on a flight and that maybe this is all a dream....