What print methods do you offer? 

We offer a variety of print/decoration methods in-house. Including but not limited to screen printing, DTG (direct-to-garment) printing, athletic vinyl, embroidery, laser etching, decals & much more. We can cover it all!

Do you offer design services?

Absolutely! The best part is they are FREE! Our designers have created artwork for 8 figure brands. Our team is the best in the industry & ready to help bring your vision to life. We offer free proofs that you can approve before anything goes into production. 

What about non-apparel promo items? 

Yes. We offer an array of products for you to choose from. From tumblers and wine cups to vinyl banners and yard signs, the options are endless.

What is your Turn around time?

Typically, we operate on a 10-12 business day turnaround time. Need your order sooner? No worries. Give us a call & we will make sure we meet your deadline.

What is the payment process? 

Payments are made through our site at the time of order. In some instances, an invoice may need to be sent directly to your email of choice.

Can I get a sample? 

If you're local, come on by! Our team would be happy to let you physically work with your garment of choice. For remote orders, you will be provided a digital mock-up of your products & a proof before full production begins. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail.

Can we ship an order? 

Absolutely. We can ship nationwide! We also offer on-sight pick-up for our local customers. We ship through all major carriers such as but not limited to FedEx, USPS, UPS, etc.

What if I am not satisfied with an order?

Our number one goal is customer satisfaction. If you aren't happy, we will make it right. Our team is on standby to assist with any issues you may have.

Do you have a catalog or brochure of all different products offered?

Yes - please contact taylor@bluepackmarketing.com and she can provide it for you! 

What is the main benefit of hiring Blue Pack for marketing services?

Blue Pack owns the brand Piper Lou which has amassed over 115 million in sales since June 2016. We understand the problems a Shopify brand can run into because we operate our own brand at significant scale. We handle each piece of the puzzle from fulfillment, customer service, paid ads, email & sms marketing, graphic design, web development, etc. 

We aren't a lameduck agency that can talk about helping your brand. We have a brand that innovates daily. As we tackle problems and find better solutions, we pass that onto our clients as well. 

Do you offer email & SMS marketing?

Absolutely! We group these together, because we know they should be used in tandem. While email marketing has been around for years, SMS marketing is hot off the press. When used together, they are an amazing combination! We see 5-10x returns off of single email/SMS campaigns quite frequently. We will help curate an opt-in strategy that will help you capture more emails/numbers to keep in contact with your customers. 

How does Graphic/Web Design Factor into Marketing Services?

We're happy to work through your team or utilize our own for any Graphic or Web Design. Our designers are well versed in efficient design for optimized printing methods or web development. We always work through mock-ups and allow for you to approve before anything goes live. We didn't set out to offer Graphic and Web Design services but so many clients have sought us out for this, that we figured we would mention it! 

Do I have to have a pre-existing store?
Nope! We we can build you a completely custom site to meet your needs or take what you already have any make it better! With our team of developers & designers on standby, we are ready to take your site to the next level. We can build it from scratch or put our bells & whistles on something that's already created. We offer licensing arrangements as well, where we do ALL of the heavy lifting and cut you a check monthly. 

What Additional Benefits are there?

When we work with somebody we view them more as a partner, rather than just a client. If there are things we can advise on to help the betterment of your business, we are happy to provide that consultation. We have streamlined so many areas of our business that if you're struggling with something not relating to marketing, we would still be happy to aid however we can. 

Have a question not covered above? Send us a message! We'd be happy to answer it! 

How many orders can you handle?

Our warehouse is staffed to handle thousands of orders a day. We've successfully produced & shipped over 2 million orders for our clients.

How much do you charge? 

Our rates vary based on order volume & product requirements. Since we produce every item as it sells, we are able to offer custom-tailored pricing to match your business needs.

Do you offer design services?

Absolutely! Our designers have created artwork for 8 figure brands. Our team is the best in the industry & ready to help bring your vision to life.

What items do you offer?

We have access to thousands of products from drinkware, headwear, apparel, banners, signs & so much more. Reach out to our team to speak about your specific needs. If we don't currently offer the product you are looking for, we can get it!

Turn around time?

Typically, our turnaround time is 7-10 business days for all orders. All products are printed once they are sold to avoid sitting on inventory. Only pay for what you sell!

What is the payment process? 

We send invoices bi-weekly for our fulfillment services. You will receive an invoice outlining each variant that has sold along with the attributed sales for those specific orders. Payments are due upon receipt.

Can I get a sample? 

Absolutely. We want to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the products you sell. We carry all major brands & can find the perfect product to meet your needs.

What if my customer is not satisfied with their order?

Our main goal is customer satisfaction. If the issue is due to a faulty print, defective item or anything to do with our fulfillment service, we will replace the product - no questions asked. If the issue is due to the customer incorrectly ordering their product (wrong size, wrong color, etc.), they will be asked to return the item to our warehouse at their own expense & we will provide the corrected item.

Do you have a catalog or brochure of all different products offered?

Please use the contact form and we can discuss on a free intro call.