Let Us Tell You Our Story

Founded in 2014 in small town North Carolina, Blue Pack Marketing, quickly became a household name; at least amongst the brothers that created it: Corey Rush and Keegan Rush. The business started just like evey multimillion dollar company, in their house, on a laptop, probably in a creepy old basement. The plan was simple, download designs from the internet, add them to t-shirts and make a few bucks. What they didn't know at that time, but definitely hoped for, was that they'd become some of the best known marketers in their industry. The name Blue Pack Marketing comes from their love of their favorite sports teams mashed together, the Duke Blue Devils (Keegan) and the NC State Wolfpack (Corey)

"We know a thing or two because we've sold a thing or two. Between our own brand Piper Lou Collection and client brands, we've generated over 465+ million in sales. Alongside of running Piper Lou, we've helped celebrities, influencers, and athletes monetize their following into everlasting brands. We've slowly taken on every part of the sales journey.

At first we sold through Teespring but then we graduated to handling our own fulfillment & supply chain. We are now able to offer end to end management for our clients. This includes front end marketing with the backend fulfillment operation."

"We have a team who wants to hunt 25 hours a day. In a handful of years, we have been able to develop and cultivate multiple seven and eight figure businesses. Two of those 7 figure creations culminated in large successful exits. The BPM team is responsible for over 465 million dollars in sales since 2014 through various e-commerce, wholesale, and brick & mortar initiatives.

We pride ourselves for our knowledge on brand development, supply chain logistics, various advertising channels, e-mail marketing flows and much more. This has allowed us to take what we do next-level for not only ourselves but for our partners and clients as well."

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