Keegan Rush has always been a fan of 3rd person biographies...

My name is Keegan Rush and I'm the Co-Founder and CMOof Blue Pack Marketing. My brother Corey and I started thecompany in 2014. At the time Shopify, Marketing Agencies,Ads Manager, etc. were all just buzz words. Now they are thevery core of what we do. We Run a Marketing Agency whoworks with Established Brands on Shopify and we areNinjas when it comes to the Ads Manager.

I always had a hustle for things I was passionate about. When Iwas 23, along side of my retail job (fancy way of saying MallJob), I owned a Sports Blog. After many successful years, Istarted to branch outside of the basemonetization strategiesand found Teespring. We would wind up selling several milliondollars and over 400,000 garments through their site. Prettygood for a 23 year old kid with no degree. After the first yearof selling, I was able to convince my brother to leave his6-figure corporate job to help establish the company andscale it. We've beenscaling ever since.

Eventually we decided to move off of the platform game andstarted our own Shopify brand. We grew the wholesale distrib-ution channel to over 350 stores and the store had done acouple million dollars at the time we successfully sold it. Wedeveloped another Shopify brand in a different industry andto this day it has eclipsed over 25 Million in sales. Selling on aplatform is different than having your own brand. This is wherewe learned how to run asuccessful business.

After 2 years of growing our brand, we started to receive inqui-ies about what we were doing. Suppliers talk, Applicationowners talk, Masterminds talk, etc. This provided an opportu-nity for us to start working with other brands and show/exe-cute what we've learned for them as well. Having the ability towork on our brand and collaborate/crush it on others' brandsas well was FUN for us.

Over time we were able to work with some very large celebrityaccounts, TV networks, etc. Some of those projects includeBrittany Spears, Eminem, Muhammed Ali's estate, History Cha-nnel, Discover Channel, Martin Garrix, etc. I definitely have topinch myself sometimes because it feels surreal. I was goingto screw around with my Sports website until I needed to getserious about a better paying job and beg my brother for ajob. Luckily, I never had to do that. He says he would havegiven me one....not sure if he's telling the truth though...

Growing up we played sports, football mainly. We always had acompetitive nature. I would attribute this competitiveness toour drive to push the business forward every single day. Ifyou're going to do something, try to be the best at what you'redoing. Even if you don't succeed, nobody ever discourageseffort. You don't have to build Rome in a day but, you have todo something. Good days come with the bad. Having a supp-rtive/kickass team helps minimize them dramatically.

My favorite quote in regards to business and life is "SmoothSeas Never Made a Skilled Sailor" . However, you operate andwhat you learn on the bad days, will help you become a moreskilled sailor. We're the best damn sailors I know and I've never been on a boat.

I am 30 years old, have lived in North Carolina my entire life, love the Duke Blue Devils, all Chicago sports teams, and work every day for my wife Sara and son Boston. Private jets don't inspire me. Providing them a better life than I did the day before, is what inspires me. That's it. That's all I am going to write. I am an open book if you want to ask me other questions. The first 3 questions are free and after that, I'll have to invoice you.